GIBBONS On KINGSMAN: GOLDEN CIRCLE, Future Work, & Drinking Too Much STATESMAN Whiskey

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Dave Gibbons
Dave Gibbons

Between Kingsman: The Golden Circle and DC's revival of Watchmen characters in its comic books, Dave Gibbons' work is front-and-center in the public consciousness. Gibbons, who co-created Kingsman with Mark Millar and director Matthew Vaughn in the 2012 The Secret Service miniseries, said he wasn't as involved in this past weekend's film as much as the original.

“I wasn’t directly involved with this one,” Gibbons told Newsarama. “I mean there was a few things in the comic book that didn’t make it into the the first movie that’s in this one.”

When asked about seeing it himself, Gibbons gave a quick review of the film - as well as drinks offered at the world premiere.

“I saw Kingsman 2 just before San Diego and saw it again at the world premiere and probably stayed out too late and drank too much Statesman whiskey, but I have to tell you I loved the movie and the audience last night was whooping and cheering and laughing and had a great time. It was a great time and it seemed everybody enjoyed it.”

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One of the key tenants of the original Secret Service (and the original Kingsman movie) was the death of Colin Firth's lead character Harry Hart (Jack London in the comic books). The character returns from the dead in the cinematic sequel, and Gibbons said that was never part of the original plans with Millar - but fully understands why it was done.

“He was dead in the first movie, but it was never in our minds to bring him back, but I can see why they did it in the sequel," Gibbons said. "Obviously Colin Firth is this huge movie star and it was such a surreal experience watching him playing this action hero and the way they done it, to be honest I think they make it work. I was truly thrilled to see how it was done, he said. 'I mean, it might be time to bow out and leave Eggsy to it, but I think it works.'"

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Gibbons isn't illustrating the new comic book sequel Kingsman: The Red Diamond being published by Image, but said does hope to write for the franchise at some point.

“As you may know, Mark has this deal with Netflix which seems to be taking up a lot of his creative time. I’ve got enough going on with my own projects as well, but I do have some covers for the new series. I’ve done some pieces, which I can’t talk about in great detail, for the new movie and I’ll always do some artwork for it, but it could end up being where I write a bit of Kingsman down the line," Gibbons said. "We want to keep the whole universe alive, but obviously we get it done really, really well. I think it’s just a great way to keep everything fresh.”

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Newsarama asked Gibbons about how Kingsman is affected by the acquisition of Millarworld by Netflix earlier this year, and Gibbons - who co-created and co-owned The Secret Service - said he believes the franchise isn't included in the deal.

“I mean, again, this is something that Mark would be more qualified to talk about than me, but the way I understand it is that Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman isn’t a part of that deal so Kingsman won’t become part of that Millarworld on Netflix," said Gibbons. "But I think at one time Mark did conceive did everything as part of one universe, but I don’t know if they can do that now with those being movies. So I don’t have a stake in the deal at all, but I’m very happy for Mark and his collaborators and looking forward to seeing what comes from that on the big and small screen.”

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