JUSTICE LEAGUE Projected for Big $150m Opening Weekend Domestically

Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

It's nearly two months until Warner Bros.'s Justice League debuts in theaters, but the first projections from Box Office have it earning $150m in its opening weekend domestically. The industry observer site attributes that to the positive buzz of Wonder Woman, continued interest in Batman as a character, as well as the curiousity around Joss Whedon replacing Zack Snyder.

The biggest obstacles Box Office sees for Justice League are the poor reactions to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the November 3 opening of Thor: Ragnarok, noting that as the closest that a DC Film and a Marvel Studios film have opened to one another.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earned $166m it its domestic opening weekend (edging out Box Office's $154m projections slightly), while Thor: Ragnarok is projected at $100m.

Justice League is scheduled to open November 17.

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