215 INK December 2017 Solicitations

215 Ink December 2017 cover
Credit: 215 Ink

(W) Michael David Nelsen (A/CA) Michael David Nelsen
Supernaut is a cosmic story of astronaut Stephen Haddon’s discovery of the mysterious “Oortum Bands” hidden on the moon and the transformative journey that occurs afterwards. These artifacts transmute him into a highly evolved consciousness – a Supernaut – and with his newly-achieved cosmic awareness and power, he works with a team of extra-dimensional thieves to assemble five artifacts. Once brought together, these various devices and weapons will allow him to stop “God” from destroying reality. In the end, Supernaut realizes he must let go and allow Armageddon to happen so that something better and new can form. Armageddon always comes. We all have an end. Some of us get a new beginning. This is Supernaut. Ragnarock n’ Roll.
In Shops: Dec 06, 2017
SRP: $19.99

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