BATMAN IN NOIR ALLEY Creates Interactive VR Experience

Batman in Noir Alley
Credit: TCM/DC Comics
Credit: TCM/DC Comics

Turner Classic Movies has teamed up with DC to create Batman in Noir Alley, in which the caped crusader crosses over into TCM's Noir Alley

Batman in Noir Alley is a cross-platform story, with a 360 degree VR experience and a series of seven digital shorts anchoring the crossover. Additionally, a comic book also entitled Batman in Noir Alley, co-starring Batman and Noir Alley host Eddie Meuller will be released in comic book stores. The comic book is written by Stuart Moore with art from Dan Panosian.

“At TCM, it’s our goal to continuously create fan-first experiences and provide opportunities to engage and interact with our brand both on and off the TV screen,” said Pola Changnon, senior vice president of marketing, brand creative and talent for TCM. “We’re always looking for new and exciting immersive experiences that provide the perfect opportunity to offer a deeper level of engagement for our devoted Noir Alley fans.”

Batman in Noir Alley is available in select comic stores now, with more coming later. The book will also be available at DC's New York Comic Con booth.

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