JOKER Origin Movie Script Almost Complete - Report

Credit: Sean Murphy (DC Comics)

Although Warner Bros. has yet to confirm its existence yet, the purported Joker origin film is moving along quickly - with the script one week away from completion, according to Variety's Justin Kroll. It was earlier reported that Todd Phillips and Scott Silver were writing the script.

"Hear the Joker script will be turned in by next week, super fast considering when announcement went out bodes well for 2018 shoot," Kroll tweeted.

No one at the studio has confirmed the film, but Jared Leto - who played Joker in Suicide Squad - recently spoke tangentially about the prospect.

 "Yeah, there are a couple of things happening in the DC world,' said Leto. "I love the Joker. He’s a great character and really fun character to play. But it’s a big universe and when you play the Joker, there’s no ownership there. You have the honor of holding the baton for a little while and then passing it off. There are other films that are in development and I’m excited to see what comes from them.”

No production schedule for a Joker solo film has been released.

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