DEFENDERS Is Netflix's Least Watched MARVEL Premiere, According to Study

'Defenders' key art

Somewhat counter-intuitively, Defenders is the lowest watched of all Netflix's Marvel series within the first month of release, according to newly released numbers from marketing-analytics firm Jumpshot (via Variety).

According to Jumpshot's numbers, Defenders drew just 17% of the total viewers that Netflix's highest rated Marvel release, Daredevil season 2, drew in its first 30 days. Compared to the numbers drawn by Netflix's other recent Marvel releases however, Defenders is still the lowest of the bunch but by a much slimmer margin. Jumpshot's numbers show that Iron Fist drew only 28% of Daredevil season 2's numbers in the first month, while Luke Cage drew 27% and Jessica Jones drew 26% of Daredevil season 2's viewers.

Jumpshot's numbers also show that Defenders had the biggest week to week decline of a Marvel series on Netflix, dropping 67% in week two, another 47% in week three, and 41% in week four.

Netflix does not release its official viewing numbers, so Jumpshot's figures are based on market analytics and research.

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