After Sacrificing Himself to Save Earth, LION FORGE's KINO Tries Out A 2nd Act

"Kino #1" first look
Credit: Lion Forge
Credit: Lion Forge

What do you do after you sacrificed yourself to save the entire planet? For Lion Forge's Alistair Meath that's a good question.

In the upcoming series KINO debuting this November, Meath returns months after his valiant sacrifice - the Event which kicked off the Catalyst Prime universe in 2016 - as a hero named KINO. But there are still big questions about his absence, his survival, and his return.

His superiors in the Royal Air Force have questions - and so does MI-6. And so does Newsarama, but for series writer Joe Casey.

After talking with Casey last week about The Incidentals, the Man of Action writer returns to talk about another series he's doing at Lion Forge (this time with artist Jefte Palo), and how exactly he's looking "to change the face of superhero comics."

Credit: Lion Forge

Newsarama: Who is - or who was - Alistair Meath before the Event?

Joe Casey: Meath was a respected major in the Royal Air Force. He was hand-picked to represent Britain on the ill-fated mission to save the world from Armageddon and he certainly paid the price for it. The ultimate price, one might say. 

Nrama: Now after sacrificing himself to save Earth from the asteroid that became the Event, he was missing for months. What happened?

Credit: Lion Forge

Casey: You've just asked the basic question of the entire series: What happened to Alistair Meath? A lot of interested parties worldwide would like to know. 

Nrama: What does the name 'Kino' mean for this series?

Casey: It's an acronym, It stands for Kinetic Impulse Neoterrestrial Operative. 

Nrama: Superhero books normally have a clear hero and a villain? Is Kino necessarily a hero, and if so, who's his villain/antagonist?

Credit: Lion Forge

Casey: Kino is definitely a hero, but being able to act openly as a hero is another thing entirely. He's got lots of villains that show up in the first year of the book. Some of the most over-the-top comic book villains you'll see all year are going to show up in this series, from Creeping Death to King Cobra and his Cobra Club Scouts to Crank... a parade of full-on, four-color threats to sink his teeth into.

Nrama: Meath comes from the Royal Air Force. How much does that training - and his ties to them - impact this series?

Casey: Meath being British is a big deal to the overall narrative. Mainly because the British government wants their boy back, dead or alive. 

Nrama: Who else is in the series?

Credit: Lion Forge

Casey: MI-6 agent Devlin Gilmour. Rogue scientist Aturo Assante. Meath's wife and kids. Infamous mercenary Clarence Coal. Foresight CEO Lorena Payan. And many, many more...

Nrama: How does KINO fit into the larger Catalyst Prime universe?

Casey: Honestly, to answer that particular question would give away a major secret of the series. I would encourage everyone to read the book to find out the answer. 

Nrama: Ok then, big picture, what are your goals for KINO?

Casey: To change the face of superhero comic books as we know it. It's big and it's loud and it's in your face - which is exactly what superhero comics are supposed to be.

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