Before the Curtain: More Spidey Movies, District 9 FTW

Before the Curtain: More Spidey Movies

Sony has tapped a writer for Spider-man 5 and 6, before 4 even starts filming next year. James Vanderbilt, who also wrote the comic-to-screen adaptation of Diggle and Jock's , will write the two movies, which will share a longer story. The idea would be to film them back to back and have a much closer release than the last few installments. If Raimi and company were to not return, these two movies would also serve as a re-launching of the franchise.


District 9 led the way at the box office this weekend, earning $37 million on their $30 million budget. The movie, which had low-end special effects, no big name actors, and a director who, while he'd earned some buzz for his live-action shorts, was still a first timer as well, led the charge domestically, with G.I. Joe coming in second. District 9 has not yet released internationally, but with a solid opening in the States and great buzz, it should see a strong overall showing.


Vertigo's Midnight, Mass is coming to small screens courtesy of NBC. The comic didn't see much success when it was released in 2002, but has apparently held multiple studios' interests for some time. The story, centered around a husband and wife team solving supernatural crimes, comes at a bit of a strange time. Currently, Warehouse 13, Dr. Who, and Supernatural all feature variations of 2-person teams (on the first two, usually a man and woman) traveling around solving extra-normal problems.


Warner Home Video is finally doing the right thing, releasing complete series sets of and . The latter will include all episodes from its run under the two-word title, and its run as on a 15 disc, $99 set releasing November 10, 2009. weighs in at 7 discs, $54, and November 24, 2009.

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