PETER PARKER Goes Back Under the Symbiote for VENOM INC. Crossover

Venom Inc. covers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Amazing Spider-Man/Venom crossover titled Venom Inc. will bring the wallcrawler and the symbiote back together - along with two of Venom's other long running hosts, Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson.

"For a long time, Dan Slott has wanted to do a Venom story in Amazing Spider-Man - and a few times, he's been beaten back from using Venom," editor Nick Lowe explained on the This Week In Marvel Podcast. "And with the newest Venom book, with the symbiote going back to Eddie Brock, the time just seemed right."

"It's bigger than just Amazing Spider-Man," said Lowe. Venom Inc. was conceived by Lowe and Slott along with Venom writer Mike Costa. "We cooked up this insane story," said Lowe.

Artist Ryan Stegman will illustrate Venom Inc. Alpha and the Amazing Spider-Man portion of the crossover, with Gerado Sandoval on Venom. Slott and Costa will co-write Alpha and continue to write their own respective ongoing titles.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Lowe also revealed that other symbiotes and Venom hosts will appear, with Lee Price stealing the Mania symbiote and become Maniac. And, from the looks of the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #793, Peter Parker will also spend some time under the Symbiote.

The story begins in Venom Inc. #1, continuing to Amazing Spider-Man #792, Venom #159Amazing Spider-man #793, Venom #160, and then an as-yet-untitled coda.

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