Hawkeye #13
Credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Julian Totino Tedesco (Marvel Comics)

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Leonardo Romero are planning to bring the idea of "Legacy" directly to Hawkeye by bringing Clint Barton back into the title with #12. After that, Hawkeye #13 will kickoff a four-issue "Legacy" story arc in which Clint and Kate, brought together by separate cases, embark on an adventure in Kate's home turf of Los Angeles.

"Both cases are very personal, which is why they need one another," Thompson told CBR. "Kate’s case springs out of our previous stories - new developments with her family and Madame Masque, while Clint is being hunted by someone that has him on the run and needing a fellow Hawkeye and maybe a detective too. If you’ve been reading my Hawkeye stories then you’ve met this person that’s hunting Clint… but you haven’t quite seen them this way before."

"I think Kate is Clint’s greatest hope in the world," she continued. "I think he sees Kate and it gives him hope for a better world. She’s a Hawkeye that hasn’t 'messed everything up' yet. And she’s the one thing he’s absolutely certain he hasn’t screwed up." 

Thompson also looked back on the runs that inspired and defined Kate Bishop and her relationship with Clint Barton.

"My personal take on Fraction/Aja/Wu/Hollingsworth’s excellent Hawkeye run is that there are two very different takes on Kate within that book," she explained. "In the Clint-focused stories, we see an almost flawless Kate; she’s better than Clint in every way, and I think that’s because it’s how Clint sees Kate, not because it’s necessarily true. In the Kate-focused LA stories Clint is absent and so we get more of Kate’s view of herself, which is, quite naturally I think, more flawed and scattered and still figuring things out."

"Because Kate is our lead, our stories trend a bit more toward those latter stories, but it’s exciting to see them together again and to see what does and doesn’t change as a result of Clint’s presence."

Hawkeye #13 is due out on shelves in December. 

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