MACGYVER Co-Star Joins Fox's X-MEN Show THE GIFTED As Geoff Johns-Created SHATTER

Credit: Shawn Martinbrough/Gregory Wright (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Jermaine Rivers

Jermaine Rivers has been cast as the mutant Shatter for Fox's The Gifted. The actor confirmed an IMDB posting of the casting on Wednesday, which lists Rivers as debuting in the show's second episode and recurring throughout the season.

In comic books, Shatter debuted in Geoff Johns and Shawn Martinbrough's 2002 miniseries The Morlocks. Shatter joined a Chicago contingent of Morlocks led by the Postman, and had crystalline ability which included making a hard crystal skin to protect his body and turn some materials into crystal as well. The character briefly appeared in the animated series Wolverine & The X-Men as well.

The Gifted is scheduled to debut October 2 on Fox.

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