IRON MAN Dashcam Sold (and Sold Out) In Korea

Iron Man branded dashcam
Credit: Marvel/Thinkware

Tony Stark is known for his array of inventions, and now a special Iron Man-branded Thinkware dashcam has brought one Stark-tech inspired gadget into the hands of consumers - but only in Korea.

The dashcam, which features a red color in the style of Iron Man's armor as well as a likeness of the Armored Avenger's face, was given a preliminary release exclusively in Korea, where it quickly sold out of its 2,000 units.

“Marvel’s brand is a global phenomenon, and we’re proud to incorporate one of their most popular characters into the design of our advanced dash cams,” stated Brian Yang, Thinkware Dash Cam’s General Manager of Global Business Development. “Starting with our partnership with Marvel, Thinkware will continue to seek out fun and unique technical and design collaborations that consumers are looking for and can enjoy.”

The special edition dashcam features a 64 gig memory card, external GPS, and a user interface modeled after Tony Stark's A.I., Jarvis. It is currently available only in Korea.

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