Fox's X-MEN Show GIFTED Casts AHAB... Sort Of - Report

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: FX

Garret Dillahunt has been cast as Roderick Campbell (a.k.a. Ahab and Famine of Apocalpse's Horsemen in comic books) for Fox's The Gifted, according to Deadline. Dillahunt's role will be a "key recurring role" reportedly, working for the show's main antagonists Sentinel Services as a mutant researcher.

"Professorial, intense and intimidating, Dr. Campbell has a morally dubious mission yet to be revealed."

In comic books, Roderick Campbell was a psychologist specializing in mutants, and served as an assistant to Moira MacTaggart on Muir Island. In the course of his research, he discovered that in an alternate reality he became the mutant-hunting zealot Ahab. Although he prevented himself from becoming Ahab in the mainstream Marvel U, he was captured and transformed into a horseman of the Apocalypse named Famine but ultimately escaped.

Dillahunt is currently starring in both TBS's The Guest Book and Amazon's Hand of God, and is well known for his roles in Raising Hope, Justified, and Deadwood.

The Gifted is scheduled to debut October 2 on Fox.

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