SIF & THE WARRIORS 3 Could Appear in THOR: RAGNAROK After All

Still from 'Thor'
Credit: Marvel Studios

Sif and the Warriors Three might just appear in Thor: Ragnarok after all, says producer Brad Winderbaum. And whether they appear onscreen or not, Winderbaum says their fates will be revealed in the film.

"That’s not necessarily the case (1). And yes (2)," Winderbaum told ScreenRant when asked if it was accurate that Sif and the Warriors Three would not appear in the film (1), and if their absence would be explained (2).

The characters - Jamie Alexander's Sif, Ray Stevenson's Volstagg, Tadanobu Asano's Hogun, and Fandral, played by Josh Dallas in Thor and Zachary Levi in Thor: The Dark World, all appeared in the first two films in the franchise. However, none of the characters have been included in any cast lists or marketing for Thor: Ragnarok.

Likewise, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster is also all but outright confirmed not to appear in the film.

Thor: Ragnarok is due out in theaters November 3.

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