1920s Harlem Renaissance (With Monster Hunters) In Image's BITTER ROOT

"Bitter Root #1" cover
Credit: Sanford Greene (Image Comics)
Credit: Sanford Greene (Image Comics)

Power Man & Iron Fist's David Walker and Sanford Greene are reuniting - with co-writer Chuck Brown joining in - for a new creator-owned ongoing titled Bitter Root. Set in Harlem in the 1920s, the series follows a famous monster hunting family the Sangeryes when monsters attack New York City.

Bitter Root is going to be unlike any comic book people have seen,” said Walker. “We're mixing action and horror, with a cast of characters unique to the medium to tell an epic tale of the Sangerye family, and the sacrifices they are willing to make for humanity. I'm excited for this series for several reasons. It gives me the chance to work with Sanford again, Chuck, who is a great co-writer, and Image, which publishes some absolutely amazing comics."

Bitter Root is scheduled to debut sometime in 2018.

"Bitter Root is a dream project. Walker, Greene and I share the same tastes while bringing our own unique talents and perspectives to the book," said Brown. "Bitter Root takes a classic horror genre and re-molds it something new and eye opening. I haven’t had this much fun creating comics in awhile."

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