Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters #1
Credit: Nikos Koutsis (IDW Publishing)
Credit: Nikos Koutsis (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing has announced plans for a Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters comic book title in early 2018 coinciding with the upcoming Netflix animated series. Announced via The Hollywood Reporter, the deal continues the publisher's long-running partnership with Hasbro, which anchor's IDW's comic book line with Transformers and G.I. Joe.

Kevin Burke and Chris "Doc" Wyatt, The head writers of the animated Stretch Armstrong will write IDW's planned tie-in comic book title, joined by artist Nikos Koutsis.

"We're carefully designing the Stretch Armstrong comic book stories to work as 'standalones' for people who haven't seen the Netflix series yet, but to also reward viewers of the show with more depth on their favorite characters," said Wyatt. "We're having a blast writing these issues."

Stretch Armstrong and Flex Fighters revamps the character as a teenage superhero in the fictional city of Charter City. The Flex Fighters are Armstrong, Omni-Mass, and Wingspan.

The animated series is scheduled to debut on Netflix in late 2017, with the comic book debuting in January 2018.

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