Chicago's ATLAS COMICS Reopening After Four Year Hiatus

Atlas Comics
Credit: Atlas Comics
Credit: Atlas Comics

The long-running comic retailer Atlas Comics is re-opening after a four year hiatus on Saturday, September 30. Previously located in Norridge, Atlas Comics' new location is at 5251 North Harlem Avenue. With the new store, Atlas will be re-orienting itself away from back issues and more into graphic novels and non-comics products.

We were always known as the place for vintage back issues. And we'll still have a deep inventory of classic comics. But the industry is changing, and Atlas needs to do the same thing. That means providing a larger selection of graphic novels in a variety of genres from all over the world, and casting a wider net over the pop-culture landscape. And it means more toys and gaming, too," said owner John Stangeland.

Originally opened in 1988, Atlas Comics was Chicago's second longest-running comics retailer until the closure of its storefront in 2013. Stangeland lost the lease to his original location, and continued the business as an online-only operation. Stangeland said he was burned out at the time, but is excited to return to storefront retailing.

"It's just the right time. I was a little burned out before, but I got the itch back," said Stangeland. "The recent movies have been great, lots of interesting new creators, new publishers - it's a very exciting time. I want to be in the thick of it again."

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