SUPERMAN #31 & #32 Changing To New Story & New Creators

"Superman #31" cover
Credit: Ian Churchill (DC Comics)
Credit: Ian Churchill (DC Comics)

This fall's Superman #31 and #32 are changing, with a new two-part story and a new creative team.

In a notice sent out to retailers, DC announced that the "New 52" era Deathstroke creative team of witer James Bonny and artist Tyler Kirkham have been slotted in to do a two-part story about Lois Lane getting a scoop for The Daily Planet - a one-on-one interview with Deathstroke.

"In Superman #31, Lois Lane is after the interview of a lifetime. The subject of her Daily Planet article: Deathstroke the Terminator!" reads DC's updated solicitation. "Determined to get 'inside the mind of a killer,' Lois follows a trail of bodies across the globe and comes face to face with the ultimate assassin. But the encounter turns deadly and, with Superman half a world away, the interview of a lifetime could cost Lois Lane her life! Don't miss part one of 'Breaking Point'!"

"And in Superman #32, the concluding chapter of 'Breaking Point,'" DC continues, "Deathstroke has come to Metropolis...and he's got his sights set on Superman. Slade Wilson gives the Man of Steel an impossible choice: maintain his ideals and let the love of his life die, or save Lois Lane and become a killer himself. Will Deathstoke push Superman to his breaking point?"

Ian Churchill will now be illustrating the covers for these two issues, which remain scheduled for release September 20 and October 4.

Superman #31 and #32 were originally solicited as the first two parts in a longer arc titled "Imperius Rex" by series writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with artist Doug Mahnke. No reason was given for that change, or how it will affect future issues.

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