UPDATE - 20 Questions With Dan DiDio: A Call For Questions

UPDATED 8/20: Since quite a few comics have come out since our "Call for Questions"  

and we won't be talking to Dan until Monday, we're giving readers a chance to add a post this week for the "20 Questions" feature with DC Universe Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

Got a question? Post it here and we'll keep pulling your questions until midnight Thursday.

So what's on your mind, DC readers? Ask away, and remember to concentrate on questions that will get some solid information out of Dan. Whether you're concerned about something already published or asking about some of the new comics the company has coming up, focus your questions on characters, storylines, creative teams and scheduling for any comics published within the DCU.

As always, we'll choose the best 20 that will get Dan talking, and he'll give us one question for readers at the end.

Post your question below -- we'll be pulling from the thread for the next 9 and 1/2 hours.

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