New Charity Aims to Help Comic Retailers Through Hard Times

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Credit: Issues Inc.
Credit: Issues Inc.

Helping Comics Retailers With Issues is a new charity that helps comic book retailers remain in business through hard times. The charity's founding as Issues Inc. was announced by the board of directors, a coalition of comic book retailers comprised of Executive Director Dennis Barger, Jr., Treasurer Jen King, and Secretary Christina Blanch.

"HCR Issues was formed due to seeing what is happening in this volatile industry and natural disasters like the one facing the gulf coast of Texas right now," read a statement from the charity. "The founding members have witnessed multiple stores, large and small, go out of business over the last year. Comic Shops are vital to growth of this industry and are important in the communities where they exist. As Dennis Barger, Jr. points out, 'the elimination of 1000 comic shops in the industry is also the elimination of about 3000 employees and this industry's biggest fans.'"

HCR Issues will accept both monetary donations and auction items to raise proceeds to benefit retailers in need. Retailers can request aid with a special form available through Diamond Comic Distributors.

Donations can be made by contacting this address:

Helping Comic Retailers with Issues
27326 Robinson Road #117
Conroe, TX 77385

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