HASBRO Sues DC Over TRANSFORMERS Name - And MARVEL's Surprising Involvement

Credit: Hasbro/Paramount Pictures/DC Entertainment
Credit: Hasbro/Paramount Pictures

Hasbro has filed a trademark lawsuit against Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment over the usage of the character name "Bumblebee," according to Variety.

The lawsuit stems from DC's character Bumblebee, a shrinking superhero with a bee theme, who has recently appeared in DC's Super Hero Girls franchise. Hasbro contends DC's Bumblebee can too easily be confused with their Transformers character Bumblebee, who can switch forms between a warrior robot and a yellow automobile.

Hasbro's lawsuit specifically seeks to block the sale of Bumblebee toys from the DC's Super Hero Girls line, which it contends will interfere with sales of its Bumblee Transformers toys. Bumblebee is set to be the star of the first of several planned Transformers spin-off films in 2018.

DC first used the Bumblebee name back in 1977 for the Teen Titans' Karen Beecher. Hasbro's Bumblebee was named by then-Marvel editor Bob Budiansky in 1983 as part of Marvel's licensing deal to develop and publish the original 1980s Transformers title.

Hasbro's trademark of "Bumblebee" was granted in December 2015.

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