Report: New Joker-Led DC FILMS Banner To Expand On 'Unusual Story Angles'

Jared Leto as the Joker
Credit: Alessandro Bertolazzi (Warner Bros.)

Warner Bros. has not confirmed the existence of the non-DCEU Joker film or the reported new banner it will lead, but a new report gives more insight on what the studio's plans are.

Variety's Ricardo Lopez reports that "the banner is intended to give the studio the chance to expand the canon with unusual story angles". While Warner Bros.'s officially declined to comment on Variety's story, the Hollywood trade said they received this information from unnamed sources "with knowledge" of the banner.

Variety goes on to say that this banner would be seperate from the DCEU continuity of movies like November's Justice League, and is part of Warner Bros.'s continued focus on "auteur-driven" films rather than tight continuity-laden films such as those pioneered by Marvel Studios.

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