REDNECK Special Edition Flood Relief Shirts Proclaim 'TEXAS FOREVER'

'Redneck' t-shirt
Credit: Skybound/Donny Cates
Credit: Skybound/Donny Cates

Redneck co-creator - and Texas native - Donny Cates has created a special edition of his Redneck "Texas Forever" shirt, to raise money for flood relief in Texas stemming from Hurricane Harvey.

The shirts will be distributed by Skybound, with proceeds going to the Houston Coalition for the Homeless. 

Redneck by Cates and Lisandro Estherren follows a family of backwoods Americana vampires who run a BBQ joint by day and feud with a neighboring human family a la the Hatfields and McCoys all day and night. Based in part on Cates' own Texas upbringing and the people he grew up with (minus the vampire bit, of course), the series debuted back in April 2017.

Here's a link to the order form.

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