ALTERNA COMICS November 2017 Solicitations

Alterna Comics November 2017 cover
Credit: Alterna Comics

(W) Jordan Hart
(A/CA) Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Timid computer engineer Dennis Zimmann gets his life turned inside out after a car crash leaves him with a concussion - and a demon. Believing that he's hallucinating as a result of his head injury, Dennis' grip on reality fully unravels when an evil version of himself begins to torment him.
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $1.50
32 pgs, Full Color, Comic Book

(W) Matthew David Smith
(A) Jeremy Massie, Christine Brunson
Sam, Violet, and Mike have decided to fulfill their destiny as the world's greatest heroes. But unfortunately for them, "The Chosen" and their roster of vile villains have other plans in mind! Don't miss out on the action-packed penultimate issue of this all-ages throwback!
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $1.50
32 pgs, Full Color, Comic Book

(W) Brian Level, Cody Sousa, Ashley Robinson, Jason Inman, Patrick Shand, Zach Bassett, Mark Bertolini, Glenn Matchett, Chas! Pangburn, Shaun Manning, Tyler Wentland, Massimo Rosi, Bob Frantz, Kevin Cuffe, R. Thomas Favino, Jed McPherson, Terry Mayo, Jon Clark, Dave Swartz, Dan Sheppard, Erik Whalen, Andre Mateus, Andrew M. Jackson, Ashley Robinson, Crow Ra, Nicolas Krizan, Ben Rosenthal, Daniel Santos, Luis Roldan, James E Roche, Rob Pilkington, Glenn Moane, Jeffrey Bridges, Jerry Willoughby, Paul Axel, Jacoby Salcedo, Hugo Boylan, Cj Standal, Mike Garley, Susan Bridges, Hannu Kesola
(A) K.R. Whalen, Joseba Morales, Jon Clark, Ross Radke, Dave Swartz, Tim Switalski, Chris Shehan, Chris Pongpat, Erik Whalen, Luis Cavaco, Vincenzo Riccardi, Antonio Brandao, Dylan Andrews, Zach Bassett, Todor Hristov, Axur Eneas, Francisco Munoz, Rapha Lobosco, Deanna Brigman, Carlos Angeli, Tyler Wentland, Iacopo Calisti, David Bishop, Nicolas Krizan, Crow Ra, Eduardo Mello, Antti Kosonen, Aurelio Moreno Cabanes, Benjamin A.E. Filby, Nenad Cvitcanin, Francesco Della Santa, Jacoby Salcedo, Phillip Sevy, Andry W. Clift, Juan Romera, Adrian Bago Gonzalez
(CA) Peter Simeti
"If" - the word itself has helped make the impossible become possible. 2017's anthology explores the theme of "crime" from the impact that it has on the lives it affects, the psychological and sociological factors that lead people down its path, to the way people deal with being victims of a crime. Crime-fighting has long been a staple of comic book storytelling, and this thrilling and thought-provoking graphic novel anthology is no exception to that rule.
In Shops: Nov 08, 2017
SRP: $14.95
336 pgs, Black & White, Graphic Novel Anthology

(W/A) Charles C. Dowd
This is it! A fight to the finish, an epic showdown underground, a battle of the beasties, a - well... you get the idea. Lilith puts her courage to the test and discovers that she doesn't always need to face her battles alone. Don't miss the dramatic conclusion!
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $1.50
32 pgs, Full Color, Comic Book

MR. CRYPT #2 of 3
(W) Troy Vevasis
(A/CA) Aleksandar Jovic
Just when he thought it was safe to go back to the grave, Mr. Crypt finds himself in another dreadful situation as vampires move into town! Along with his new friend Godfrey, can they stop the blood-suckers before bedtime? Mr. Crypt is the perfect blend of humor, horror, and heart!
In Shops: Nov 15, 2017
SRP: $1.50
32 pgs, Full Color, Comic Book

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