SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #13 Jumps 8 Years & Brings In New Creative Team For MARVEL LEGACY

Marvel cover
Credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ryan Stegman (Marvel Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13 welcomes writer Jody Houser and artist Nick Roche on board as the series' new creative team for "Marvel Legacy", with outgoing writer/artist Ryan Stegman providing a cover for the issue, due out on shelves in November. 

But that's not the only change for "Legacy": The series will jump ahead eight years, to the time when Peter and MJ's daughter Annie will be a teenager.

"I'm the owner/operator of two under-fives, so this book is serving as a warning from the future," Roche told IGN. "The questions thrown up by the book are fascinating. Would Peter Parker have had the same humility and strength of character if he'd been born with powers like Annie has? At least when my two are in their teens, they won't have potentially destructive super powers to amplify the mood swings. (Right...?)"

And as for how Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows will connect to the idea of "Legacy," Roche said it all goes back to Uncle Ben's classic Spider-Man aphorism: with great power must also come great responsibility.

"It's all about Power And Responsibility: The Next Generation," Roche explained. "With all the benefits and drawbacks that come with those burdens. I'd like to think it'll be a book that helps parents figure out their kids, and vice versa."

Roche also teased the villains of his run with Houser, dropping a very specific number of foes that should ring bells for spider-fans.

"'Villain' singular? I've drawn at least six already," he quipped. "And this is a Spidey-book; the Parkers aren't know for the golden good fortune. An unexpected bill is more likely to thwart them than any Osborn. Even with a time jump, Pete and Fam aren't lucky enough for THAT much to change."
Here's the full solicitation:
Jump eight years into the future with the web-slinging and wall-crawling Spider-Man family! Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s super-powered daughter, Annie, is now in high school. But when this teen isn’t in class, she’s swinging through the streets with her parents. After all, keeping New York safe from super villains is a family affair! But what new threat has emerged to menace the wall-crawlers?
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