WW PHILLY '08: King-Size Cable

Bishop, as seen in King-Size Cable special issue from Marvel.

This weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia—during the Mondo Marvel Panel —Marvel Comics announced that Cable would be getting the “King-Sized” treatment. Written by Cable writer, Duane Swierczynski and drawn by industry veteran Ken Lashley—King-Size Cable takes off immediately after the end of the sixth issue.

Since the launch of his new ongoing, Cable has been on the run, in the future, as the guardian of the mysterious mutant baby who appeared during Marvel’s Messiah Complex earlier this year. Not only is Cable on the run—he’s running from the traitorous Bishop—and in King-Size Cable readers will get to see things from Bishop’s point-of-view.

Newsarama spoke with Swierczynski and Lashley about Marvel’s time-spanning mutant and this upcoming King-Sized undertaking.

Newsarama : First off Duane, can you explain how King-Sized Cable fit into the current storyline? Or does this take place afterwards?

Duane Swierczynski: It tucks in neatly after Cable #6 (also a stand-alone), and sets up #7. I had originally planned for this story as a two-issue arc, with a good old-fashioned cliffhanger in the middle, but as we started working on it, it seemed to make more sense to serve it up in one massive shot. Which is good, because once you see Ken’s pencils, you’ll be thankful you didn’t have to wait a month for part two.

NRAMA: Cable's role in the X-books plays a pretty crucial role--he's guarding the mysterious baby from Messiah Complex. So far, he's done a pretty good job of making sure she's safe—how long can that safety last though?

Ken Lashley: I can not confirm or deny anything you are asking; but, I will say he has a job I wouldn't want.

DS: It lasts pretty much until this issue.

NRAMA: Will there be a villainous presence in this King-Sized project?

DS: This one is told from Bishop’s POV, so in a way, Cable’s the heavy. Sure, he’s trying to protect the baby, and that’s sweet and all, but he’s still a hardcore soldier, and now that he knows Bishop is after him, he’ll do everything he can to cover his tracks. Mean things. Nasty things.

KL: Villains…so much grey area.

NRAMA: Will Cable be fairly stationary in the future or will there be more time travel in the series?

DS: There’s a lot of time-traveling in this one. It’s kind of an ADD issue of Cable: we’re jumping all the hell over. And you’ll find out how a cop like Bishop tracks someone who could be literally anywhen in the timestream.

Going forward… well, you’ll see.

KL: Again...time travel can be very tricky.

NRAMA: Ken, Cable has come a long way since his humble, yet extravagantly shoulder padded origins--when you're drawing the character, what do you find yourself most focused on in terms of portraying the character in his uniquely icon look?

KL: Shoulder pads? Whatever do you mean? (laughs)

Cable has been around for a while and when I was asked to do this book I went on a tear looking for as many books that I could get with him in it. I soon realized that each artist really had their own take on the 6'-8'' mutant so I decided to draw him the best way I know how—it was pretty well received by the Marvel brass and I was glad. Cable is an X-Men icon. I was pretty excited to be asked, but at the same time I was thinking, “Don't mess it up”.

Cable is a tough guy; there are facial expressions that just don't fit his profile. I was very aware of the range of things that fit with him and what does not. I was also having a blast because I got to draw a ton of things that artist dream about. I just can't wait until it comes out, people will be entertained.

Cable is unique; it was a joy to draw 44 plus pages of mutant love—who could ask for anything more.

NRAMA: Are there going to be any more mysterious characters from all over the time-stream showing up in Cable in the near future?

DS: There’s one nice little cameo that I think longtime Cable-heads will enjoy. Think: ex-girlfriend.

NRAMA: Ken, you're involved with a couple of different X-related projects coming up—covers on X-Men: Legacy and now King-Sized Cable—what else can fans expect from you in the near future?

KL: Hey, when you get the call you would have to be an idiot not to want to do it. I am working on a few things; some X- related, some not. I will be doing some X-Men: Legacy work and I just did a cover for issue #215 of the Legacy title. I think I am a X-guy at heart; I know the characters best and it feels like home. I don't have to struggle with anything when I work in the X-office—they were the books I collected before I ever worked in the biz.

I also have a very huge Marvel project coming up that starts in a few weeks. I'm stoked; I have waited a long time to get my hands on a project that has the right people around me. Great writers; talented artists…and little old me; I hope to hold up my end. I look forward to getting my hands on that project.

Oh and I will be going to Japan as a guest of Lucasfilm at Star Wars Japan in July; that is the only thing non-Marvel work I'm doing this summer.

NRAMA: Wrapping things up, what else can readers expect from the King-Sized Cable Spectacular?

DS: You’ll see Bishop acting like the hero that he is. Or isn’t.

KL: Big explosions and lots of Mutant Mayhem! Oh and a very large…wait, I can't say. (laughs)

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