1989 BATMAN Movie's JOKER Returns In Murphy's BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT

Batman: White Knight #1
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Sean Murphy

Sean Gordon Murphy has revealed that, in his upcoming Elseworlds-style Batman miniseries Batman: White Knight, his heroic Joker does have a real name - and it's one you've heard before.

Murphy revealed on Twitter that for White Knight, the Joker's real name is Jack Napier, the same secret identity he had in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film.

Murphy says that this is the first time the Joker has been given the name "Jack Napier" outside of the movies and their comic book, but the Joker has been named seperately as "Jack" and "Napier" on a few rare occaions.

In Batman: White Knight, the Joker has reformed and become a politician who believes he can better help Gotham than Batman.

Batman: White Knight is due out October 4.

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