TOM KING Has a SGT. ROCK Pitch For DC - And A Host of Top Artists to Draw It

Sgt. Rock
Credit: Joe Kubert/DC Comics

Batman writer Tom King has pitched a Sgt. Rock story to DC Comics, according to a tweet sent out Tuesday evening. In the writer's words, he's "in the mood to write about heroes fighting Nazis."

Following King's discussion of his pitch, several prominent artists including King's current Mister Miracle collaborator Mitch Gerads, Chris Samnee, Patrick Zircher, and Francesco Francavilla all threw their hat in the ring as potential artists for the story, with Zircher even suggesting the artists collaborate on the story.

Sgt. Rock is one of DC's most prominent war genre characters, though he has often crossed over and teamed up with superheroes, both from his contemporary World War II setting, and through time travel. The original Sgt. Rock last appeared in 2009's Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion. His grandson, also named Sgt. Rock, appeared as part of DC's "New 52" relaunch.

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