Chicago 09 - Marvel's X-MEN Panel

Marvel’s X-Men panel kicked off at the Chicago Comic Con in front of a lighter Sunday crowd. On hand to host again was Jim McCann; among the talent that joined him were writers Craig Kyle, Christ Yost, and Jason Aaron.

McCann got the announcements rolling by discussing a new ongoing, S.W.O.R.D.. It will star Agent Brand, Beast, and Lockheed, picking up on the bits from Astonishing X-Men. Kieran Gillen will be writing, with Steve Sanders on art. The actual leader that takes over S.W.O.R.D., said McCann, will be Henry Peter Gyrich. Gyrich’s first directive will be to get rid of all the aliens on Earth. That series will arrive in November.

Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk have been tapped for Dark X-Men, which will be a mini. McCann allowed that the book will involve Nate Grey, X-Man.

A Wolverine/Mr. X one-shot will be written by Frank Tieri; Tieri will also be doing an exclusive Marvel digital comic starring Wolverine and Thor.

Jason Aaron threw Wolverine into Dunwich Sanitarium for the forthcoming “Wolverine Unhinged” arc in Weapon X. Aaron called it “the weirdest thing I’ve ever written for Marvel”. It’s his attempt to write something that hasn’t been done with Wolverine before.

X-Force, New Mutants, and X-Men Legacy host the “Necrosha” crossover. Announced at San Diego, “Necrosha” will bring Selene back to prominence. The “Necrosha” one-shot sets up the books in October, and the rest of the story will follow for six months. The writers indicated that you’ll see hints within the Necrosha promo art. Clayton Crain drew some variant covers that will appear with the event. “Expect a lot of death” was one comment, buttressed with a “it’s a love story” note as well. Also, there will be “Messiah War” follow-up contained within that storyline.

McCann then opened the floor to fan questions. Among the highlights ...

The first fan asked about the lack of big publisher booths (a recurring theme). McCann indicated that there is a Marvel presence through the panels and various artist and writers on the floor. He also said, “There is no feud,” regarding rumors that a falling out with Wizard led to the lack of Marvel, DC and Dark Horse booths.

One fan took the opportunity to ask about some lost bags. The panel blamed Wizard’s Mike Cotton.

Responding to questions about Bishop’s true character, McCann explained that Bishop is fairly consistent in terms of doing what he needs to do (in his mind) to ensure the sanctity of the timeline.

Deadpool will appear in future episodes of the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series, though he’ll be “less violent” than in Hulk Vs..

One fan asked what X-Men says to the creative talent personally. McCann answered that the allegory of the disenfranchised has always appealed to him, citing the old tagline of protecting “a world that fears and hates them.” Chris Yost indicated the ongoing appeal of “the underdog.” Kyle became very animated and excited when discussing the “fast-paced and rich experience” of the high-stakes nature and scope of the characters’ history. Aaron acknowledged, “For me, just simply, Claremont and Byrne.”

Kyle declared his love for Domino in X-Force, noting that it’s great to have a character in that group “that can laugh.”

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