Is WHEDON Changing SNYDER's Original JUSTICE LEAGUE Ending?

"Justice League" still
Credit: Warner Bros.

A new ending to Justice League is being filmed as part of the Joss Whedon-led reshoots, according to SlashFilm's Ben Pearson.

The reported new scenes will change an unconfirmed cliffhanger ending with the primary antagonist Steppenwolf revealing himself as an emissary to an unseen Darkseid to offer up a more definitive finale. Steppenwolf's role in the film has also been increased in these reshoots, says Pearson.

Without citing sources, SlashFilm asserts that part of the reshoots were to avoid a cliffhanger and lighten the tone of the film so as not to end on a dour moment. This piggybacks off early comments from actor Joe Morton that Cyborg's storyline was also changed in reshoots for the same reason.

No mention was made of how these reported changes could affect plans to include Darkseid in a sequel.

Whedon previously stated his distaste for cliffhangers, saying in 2013 that he found the ending of The Empire Strikes Back "appalling," saying the film "didn't have an ending."

Justice League is due out in theaters November 17.

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