DC's REBIRTH Coming to the CW's THE FLASH

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Credit: The CW

The CW's The Flash explored a television version of Flashpoint in its last season, and for the upcoming season four it's jumping ahead to another comic event: "Rebirth." Titular star Grant Gustin said that the first episode is the show's take on "Rebirth" within its recent darker context.

“It’s almost like a fresh start for me as an actor this year. The first episode is called 'Reborn' and it’s our take on 'Rebirth,'" Gustin told ComicBook. "And it gives me an opportunity to let go of all the weight that we’ve built up and have held onto and there’s even some lines that reflect that for Barry, that he’s been able to cope an move on in a way he was never able to in the past. So it gives me an opportunity to let go and have more of that kind of fun that we had initially in season one.”

It is unclear if the actor is referring to The Flash: Rebirth miniseries or the more recent "Rebirth" initiative by DC Comics which included the Flash.

The Flash's fourth season is scheduled to begin October 10 on the CW.

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