Kong on the Planet of the Apes #1
Credit: Mike Huddleston (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Mike Huddleston (BOOM! Studios)

The two most iconic ape-based film franchises are colliding in a six-issue comic book event scheduled to debut in November.

BOOM! Studios' Kong on the Planet of the Apes by writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Carlos Magno will pick up immediately after the events of 1968's original Planet of the Apes film, with Dr. Zaius and General Ursus discovering a Kong and follow a path that leads them to Skull Island.

“There's such a deep mythology to both properties, especially if you consider all of the amazing Kong and Apes comics that have come out in recent years,” said Ferrier. “With this series, we've found a coherent, meaningful way of having these two worlds and their legacies fold into each other. The implications of the Ape civilization discovering the Kong world are huge, and that's certainly on the forefront of the series.”

Magno, Mike Huddleston, and Hans Woody are the planned cover artists for Kong on the Planet of the Apes.


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