BATMAN & THE SIGNAL Artist Confirmed, With DUKE THOMAS' New Look

Batman: The Signal #1
Credit: Cully Hamner (DC Comics)
Credit: Cully Hamner (DC Comics)

Updated August 9, 2017 at 1:04 p.m. EST: Following a leak of the series' title, cover, and solicitations, DC has provided more details (via Heat Vision) about the upcoming miniseries Batman & The Signal, including that Red co-creator Cully Hamner is illustrating the series.

DC Writer's Workshop alum Tony Patrick is co-writing the series wuth Duke Thomas' co-creator Scott Snyder, but the All-Star Batman writer said it was the DC newcomer's community work with NYC children that made him a lock for the series.

"He works with kids in Brooklyn, at a center not unlike the center in the series," Snyder said. "He was really passionate about the character."

"I work with students, and what I've realized is, I'm a real advocate for high school kids," Patrick added. "I realized that I go after what I need when it comes to getting resources from the kids, but as an artist, I never did that to myself until recently. I think it was that class that I said to myself, if you don't raise your hand and say that you're interested in this, you're missing out on a huge opportunity."

Patrick brought up Duke Thomas during the DC's Writers Workshop class, and volunteered to co-write it after Syder mentioned he was looking for a co-writer.

Here is the full solicitation for the first issue, scheduled to be released in November.

Written by Scott Snyder and Tony Patrick • Art and cover by Cully Hamner • Variant cover by Declan Shalvey
Batman may own the night, but with new villains emerging during the day he needs an ally to defend the city when he can’t. Only one teen is up to the challenge, Duke Thomas. After months of training, he’s ready to step out of the shadow of the bat to become his own kind of hero. Meet Gotham City’s newest protector: The Signal! Spinning out of adventures in ALL-STAR BATMAN and WE ARE ROBIN, comics superstar Scott Snyder and newcomer Tony Patrick take our young hero to new heights in this exciting miniseries with artwork by Cully Hamner.

Original Story: A cover to the first issue of Duke Thomas' solo title Batman & The Signal has sprung up out of Edelweiss, a catalogue for book publishers. The cover, by Cully Hamner, debuts Duke Thomas' new costume in his role as the Signal, as confirmed by series co-writer Tony Patrick.

"Yup. Gotham by Day gear," Patrick tweeted in response to the image.

"Only one teenage hero is prepared for the challenge of safeguarding Gotham in broad daylight - THE SIGNAL," reads the solicitation. "Duke Thomas juggles a new high school and teenage romance as he adjusts to his role as Gotham’s daytime protector and battles new villains. Could a daytime Gotham be even more corrupt than its nighttime counterpart?"

This Duke Thomas solo series was originally announced at Comic-Con International: San Diego as an ongoing, titled Batman: The Signal. But according to this advance solicitation, the series will be a three-issue miniseries titled Batman & The Signal.

No interior artist is listed for the book.

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