FRANK MILLER Sued By Long-Time Manager

"Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2" variant by Frank Miller
Credit: Frank Miller (DC Comics)

Frank Miller's long-time manager Mark Lichtman is suing the cartoonist/filmmaker for "breach of contract", seeking unpaid management fees which could total over $1 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Lichtman filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in mid-July, alleging that he is contractually owed 10% of Miller's earnings from a partnership that is said to go back to the late 1980s. Lichtman states that he and his company, the Lichtman Goup, managed Miller's various comic book, television, and film deals from that time to August 2014, which would include Sin City, 300, The Spirit, and the various sequels to The Dark Knight Returns.

Licthman alleges that Silenn Thomas, an associate of Miller, began to "exert influence over Miller" in 2006 that defrauded the long-time manager.

"Thomas and Does 6-10 made false and misleading statements that Lichtman was incompetent, senile and too old to perform his duties as Miller's manager," writes Lichtman's attorney, Kenneth Keller, in the lawsuit. "[Miller and his associates were told] Lichtman was dishonest in his dealings with Miller, that he 'swindled' Miller out of millions of dollars, that he was a liar and a cheat, that he is 'disliked' throughout the industry and that no one will do business with him."

Lichtman is also reportedly suing Thomas for "intentional interference with contract relations" and "prospectic economic advantage."

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