BETTY & VERONICA Are Bad Biker Babes in B&V VIXENS

B&V Vixens
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

Archie Comics is once again taking chances with their characters and putting them in unusual situations - case in point, the new series B&V Vixens from writer (and Archie proofreader/editor) Jamie Rotante and artist Eva Cabrera. Scheduled to debut in November, B&V Vixen takes Archie's two top sweethearts, Betty and Veronica, and turns them into "badass biker chicks."

It's not clear exactly what being bikers will mean for the Betty and Veronica of Vixens, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, they run "the baddest gang in town."

"The idea for B&V Vixens came from our own Jamie Rotante, who works in the NY office as a proofreader and editor," Archie CEO and Publisher Jon Goldwater explained. "She's a huge talent, and she has a unique and special take on the girls that I just felt like had to be out there. It wowed me from the start. I mean, Betty and Veronica as bikers? There’s so much great ground to cover here, it just had to exist."

B&V Vixens will be a monthly ongoing series, and will debut in November. 

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