Best Shots Extra: Radical's INCARNATE #1

The Devil Inside:Nick Simmons INCARNATE

Incarnate #1 of 3

Written and Pencils by Nick Simmons

Inks by Matt Dalton

Colors by Brian Buccellato

Assisting Art by Nam Kim. Ben Harvey, Shi Hua Wang

Published by Radical

Available Now

Now usually when a celebrity or TV personality announce they have a comic book in the works, it's just an idea they have, and then a team of professionals are assembled to make sense of it all and flesh it out. That doesn't seem to be the case here with Radical's new mini-series, Incarnate, created and written by Gene Simmons' (who has had a few comic series under his name, but was written by other people. Namely Dominatrix, which was written by Sean Taylor) son, Nick. Now, with a lineage like that, I don't think doing a story like Spider-Man or something run-of-the-mill will have to do. And something not involving spandex. Incarnate is definitely not run-of-the-mill, and is actually pretty bloody fun.

Emphasis on the bloody.

Now, it's not perfect by any means. At first, I was sort of turned off by the "AmeriManga" style of it all. That soon wore off, as I then got turned off even more by the...interesting vernacular and dialogue. Though, I'll give the kid credit and shrug it off as a rookie mistake. After a few pages into it, I really took a good look at the art and Nick has got some serious skills. Now, I'm not sure what the ratio of him was to the assistant artists. Maybe he had some help with the flow of the story and panel configuration...who knows. The art does shine, though. It's not for everybody: even if you happen to just dismiss it at first, I'd suggest you give it a try.

The main character, Mot (who for some reason loo ks like Nick himself) is an ancient vampire/demon who is reborn after of being in some sort of trance for a period of time and he quickly seeks out others like him. However, there is a threat to his kind's existence: humans have found a way to slay the immortals. Some of them have denounced this theory, but soon thereafter, they are discovered at their lair and are killed off, leading to a showdown between Mot and the leader of the demonslayers, who call themselves "Sanctum".

Like I mentioned, it's a set-up for the next two installments, and it's a valiant effort on Nick's part, but a co-writer would have been better to have, at least on the first issue, to help better the dialogue. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun read, and pretty creative. Hopefully young Simmons will learn from this experience and better his craft.

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