SHAZAM! Director Promises 'Lighthearted Departure' From DC Movies

"Convergence: Shazam #1" cover
Credit: Evan "Doc" Shaner (DC Comics)

Shazam! director David Sanberg has opened up about what fans can expect from his upcoming film, which he promises will be "lighthearted," and "a departure" from the DC movies that have been released so far.

“The big attraction for me with that character is the fact that every kid dreams of being Superman, right? I mean I certainly did, and (Billy Batson) is a kid that gets that chance,” Sandberg told the Toronto Sun. “He gets to become the superhero. So it’ll be big with superpowers in a way. In terms of what people can expect, I think this will be one of the more fun or lighthearted movies so far in the DC universe. It certainly will be a departure.”

Details about the film are still scarce; at one point Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was scheduled to appear as the film's villain, Black Adam, but recent plans have Johnson appearing in a solo Black Adam film instead with an eye toward crossing over the hero and (anti)villain in another, future film.

Shazam! is expected in 2019 and Warner Bros./New Line had one given it a an April 5, 2019 release date.

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