Idiots Harassing Women Finally Brings MARVEL & DC Together

A milkshake

DC Comics has tweeted support for a group of female Marvel staffers who suffered online harassment from misogynist trolls.

The situation began July 28 when Marvel editor Heather Antos posted a photo on her personal Twitter account in which she and the other female staffers were drinking milkshakes on a social outing.

The photo prompted misogynist twitter trolls to levy a slew of slurs, insults, and harassment against the Marvel staffers seemingly only for being women involved in comic books, though the inciting photo has no comic-related content and the harassment would have been unconscionable regardless. Several in the industry rallied around the staffers in solidarity under the hashtag #makeminemilkshake, with many posting photos with their own milkshakes.

It culminated in DC taking the initiative to finally bridge the longstanding gap between itself and Marvel.

Public relations between Marvel and DC on a corporate level have been somewhat icy in recent years, with individual creators and staffers often offering support for each others' work at both companies but official company interaction being limited when it occurs at all. In the past, perception of the companies as "crosstown rivals" and Marvel's playful references to DC as the "Distinguished Competition" established a friendly rapport between the "Big Two" comic book publishers but that dynamic has since faded.

Marvel responded to DC's show of support with an image of a milkshake with two straws - for sharing.

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