DAVE BAUTISTA in Talks for Valiant ETERNAL WARRIOR Live-Action Film

Dave Bautista
Credit: Dave Bautista
Credit: Robert Gill (Valiant Entertainment)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Dave Bautista has confirmed on Twitter that he is in talks for a role in an Eternal Warrior film, a Valiant Entertainment character. Bautista says the Eternal Warrior film is in the scripting stages.

This is the first public mention of the project, and wasn't one of the films listed as part of Valiant's live-action film deal with Sony Pictures. It would however connect with Valiant's planned Archer & Armstrong film by director Ruben Fleisher, as Gilad - the "Eternal Warrior" - is the brother to those two characters.

Valiant Entertainment CEO Dinesh Shamdasani coyly followed up Bautista's comments saying "I can neither confirm nor deny that Dave Bautista just revealed a giant secret!"

No projected release date for Eternal Warrior has been announced.

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