Still from "Batman: The Animated Series"
Credit: Warner Bros. Animation
Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

Long-time Warner Bros. Animation casting/voiceover director Andrea Romano has announced her retirement after 33 years in the animation industry. Romano is best-known as one of the key people in the DCAU titles, working on everything from Batman: The Animated Series to the upcoming Young Justice: The Outsiders.

"I shall miss so many aspects of this industry - particularly the people I’ve worked alongside, and all the fun that happens on both side of the glass," said Romano. "From the bottom of my heart, I extend my sincere gratitude to every actor, producer, director, engineer and colleague that has helped make this run so incredible."

Romano joined the animation industry in 1984 as Hanna-Barbera's casting director, working on series including The Smurfs and The New Adventures of Jonny Quest. The Long Island native went on to be voiceover director for DuckTales before landing at Warner Bros. for Tiny Toon Adventures. Through her career, Romanso has been nominated for an Emmy 35 times and won eight of them.

"Doing this job, working with all these wonderful people, has been my ultimate blessing" said Romano. "I couldn’t have hoped to spend the past three decades with a better group. I’ve truly been the luckiest person on Earth."

Romano's retirement comes after being diagnosed with optic neuropathy in one of her eyes, causing blindness in that eye.

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