Justice League #26
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Bryan Hitch has confirmed that he is leaving DC's Justice League title in October. Justice League #31 is the planned end of his "Legacy" arc. Hitch, who relaunched Justice League of America in 2015 and then segued his run over to Justice League with "Rebirth," said that he had one more storyline in the works but "plans changed."

"So, tweaks and edits aside. Justice League is done. Thanks for all the support; as always we can't do it without you," Hitch tweeted. "I have a half dozen covers to do for Justice League, Wonder Woman, and The Wild Storm then it's a full speed nosedive into Hawkman with Jeff Lemire. Going to be fun."

The Hawkman story he refers to is December 20's Hawkman Found, a Dark Nights: Metal tie-in one-shot written by Lemire, drawn by Hitch, and inked by Kevin Nowlan.

"That said, I'm prepping and working on stuff for after that which is astonishing and exciting. Such a big canvas and broad scope. Hurrah," said Hitch. "My last Justice League story, 'Legacy,' starts soon and runs 26-31. Proud of that and the art by Fernando Pasarin is just bloody wonderful. He's a genius."

Justice League is a twice-monthly title, with #31 scheduled scheuled to be released October 18.

The first post-Hitch Justice League issue, November 1's #32, is scheduled to be a Metal tie-in as well.

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