GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON Replaces Artists To Finish Out Title

Dynamite Entertainment August 2017 cover
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Tom Neely is replacing artist John Brandon Sawyer for the final two issues of Dynamite Entertainment's Gwar: Orgasmaggedon title.

“I don’t know what happened… I was working on my own graphic novel The Devil at my home studio when suddenly GWAR came through some kind of wormhole, burned my studio to the ground and kidnapped me," Neely said, tongue-in-cheek. "I’ve been locked up and chained to a drawing board in the Slave Pit for three weeks with Gor-Gor breathing down my neck threatening to eat me. They only feed me mayonnaise sandwiches and energy drinks and if I stop drawing for more than 5 minutes Blothar flogs me with his penis-udders until I can’t see straight. They are talking about replacing my drawing arm with some kind of cybernetics so I can never stop drawing again… Please help… I just wanna go home... This is a nightmare! Oh shit - someone’s coming… I better hide!”

Credit: Tom Neely

Neely (who Newsarama confirmed is okay, by the way) is best known for the cult comic Henry & Gleen Forever, and is slated to begin on this title with August 30's Gwar: Orgasmaggedon #3. He had previously done covers for the book.

“When the GWAR timelines converge with the broken meat rocket time machine, reality warps once again for our band of space barbarian rock stars and I'm so happy that one of my favorite comic artists is onboard to tackle the next chapter of this absolutely-sure-to-be-future-Eisner-winner," said series writer Matt Miner. "Nobody can draw fart jokes, alien spew, full frontal male nudity, and heavy metal monsters quite like Tom Neely - this already-bananas book just got even crazier!"

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