GARFIELD, In His Own Words, On His Upcoming GRUMPY CAT Crossover

Dynamite Entertainment October 2017 cover
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Garfield is a comic legend and a pop culture icon - but in August, he faces what could be his biggest rival yet. Forget Odie or Nermal, Jim Davis' Garfield is meeting Grumpy Cat.

Scheduled to debut August 2, the three-issue miniseries Grumpy Cat Garfield shows its a cat-eat-cat world thanks to writer Mark Evanier and artist Steve Uy, with oversight from Jim Davis.

With just one week until the book's debut, co-publishers Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios offered up an interview with the lasagna-loving feline himself, Garfield. (Although we think he might have had some help from others, we decided to take this as it came).

Credit: Steve Uy (Dynamite Entertainment/BOOM! Studios)

Newsarama: So Garfield, Mondays amirite?

Garfield: I refuse to discuss the "M" word. Next question!

Nrama: Oh, my, okay...Grumpy Cat has already spoken out about how this is an honor to work with you, was that respect returned to her?

Garfield: Yeah, we both agree it's an honor to work with me.

Nrama: Were there any difficulties working with Grumpy Cat on this project?

Garfield: She's kind of a downer. I’m known for my positive attitude. And my sarcasm.

Credit: Steve Uy (Dynamite Entertainment/BOOM! Studios)

Nrama: That’s very true. So who is coming along with your adventure with Grumpy Cat? Will we see Arlene or Odie or will it just be you two?

Garfield: Odie tags along. I just can't seem to get rid of that dog.

Nrama: You're sharing the spotlight this summer with Grumpy Cat in a crossover event. How did this all come about?

Garfield: It's another mess Jim Davis got me into. I wish that guy would play more golf.

Credit: Steve Uy (Dynamite Entertainment/BOOM! Studios)

Nrama: How have the people at BOOM! and Dynamite been treating you?

Garfield: No complaints. Those folks have treated me like a rock star!

Nrama: That’s great to hear! Now, did you ever think you'd be crossing paths with a celebrity like Grumpy Cat in your career?

Garfield: I think you need to ask her the same question.

Nrama: Was there ever a moment where you thought about "passing the torch," so to speak, to her?

Garfield: Grumpy's a good kid, but there's only one me. Accept no substitutes.

Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Nrama: Well what advice would you give someone like Grumpy Cat for their life as well as their career?

Garfield: Stop stealing my act! Oh, and invest in whatever Warren Buffett recommends.

Nrama: We know this is a limited series, but would you ever join back up with her again?

Garfield: Sure. Doesn’t every blockbuster have a sequel?

Nrama: Are there any other characters out there - cat or not - you'd like to do a project with?

Garfield: I’d love to do something with Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo, call me! I’ll get you that second Oscar!

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