DEADPOOL 2 'Will Answer Many Questions' About COLOSSUS Says Actor

Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Stefan Kapicic

Stefan Kapicic assumed the role of X-Men's Colossus for 2016's Deadpool, and the actor is eager to talk about the sequel whcih he's currently filming in Vancouver. Kapicic took a break from filming to appear at Comic-Con International: San Diego over the weekend, and according to Heat Vision "wants to tell you about the plot" of the movie.

"[Colossus] didn't have time at all in the X-Men movies and he's one of the iconic characters. He needed that space, and thank God [Director] Tim Miller and Ryan and Fox decided to give him a spot, which will continue to grow," said Kapicic. "That's the thing I can say … the sequel will answer many questions, which people are asking right now. Because all the questions I can see on the net are answered in the sequel."

"I am a comic book fan. I would love if I could share, because it's incredible what's going on," said Kapacic of Deadpool 2's filming. "When they [fans] find out what's happening in the sequel…"

Kapicic is the fourth actor to play Colossus. For Deadpool, Kapacic did the voice-acting for the role but in the sequel it is said he is doing some on-set acting as well.

The as-yet-untitled Deadpool sequel is scheduled to open in theaters June 1, 2018.

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