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Credit: Mike Grell (DC Comics)
Credit: Wizard World

Writer/artist Mike Grell has been named as the fourth inductee into Wizard World's Hall of Legends, a new initiative by the convention company to honor individuals in the industry for their work.

''It's an honor to be inducted into the Wizard World Hall of Legends,” said Grell. “My 44 years in the comic industry has allowed me to tell stories and create characters and worlds from pure imagination - I feel as if I've hardly worked a day of it.”

Grell is scheduled to receive the award August 24 in a ceremony at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago.

Credit: Mike Grell (DC Comics)

“Mike Grell is a true ‘legend’ of the comics world, and as a longtime frequent guest at our shows, is an extremely worthy honoree in our Wizard World Hall of Legends,” said John D. Maatta, Wizard World President and CEO. “He remains a significant, vibrant figure in the industry after having thrilled millions with his work over more than four decades.”

Grell is best known for his work on DC Comics' Green Arrow and the Warlord, and also worked on several creator-owned projects such as Starslayer, Jon Sable Freelance, Shaman's Tears, Bar Sinister, and Maggie the Cat.Grell is currently back at DC, illustrating variant covers for Green Arrow.

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