Whatever Happened to Manapul's AQUAMAN: EARTH ONE and JMS's FLASH: EARTH ONE?

Credit: Francis Manapul

In the past two weeks, DC has announced two new entries into its Earth One line - an all-new Green Lantern: Earth One and, just announced and previewed at Comic-Con, a second volume of Wonder Woman: Earth One. The announcements, particularly the Comic-Con one reminded us of the 2015 Comic-Con announcements of two other new Earth One OGNs, intended then for 2016 release: Francis Manapul's Aquaman: Earth One and J. Michael Straczynski's The Flash: Earth One (with an unspecified artist).

Here's DC's official word of announcement at the time:

In addition to recapping the blockbuster announcements from DC Entertainment at this year’s COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL SAN DIEGO, DCE Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio treated fans to some exciting news for fans of the “Earth One” series of original graphic novels. In 2016, fan favorite writer J. Michael Strazynski follows up his best-selling SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE tale with a new look at the Scarlet Speedster in FLASH: EARTH ONE. In addition, Francis Manapul (DETECTIVE COMICS) will provide his take on the King of the Seas in AQUAMAN: EARTH ONE. 

Since then, however, updates on either project has been released by the publisher. 

Neither Manapul or Straczynski provided any details about the plot or art at the time, but since then they have spoken briefly about it - inferring that DC had higher priorities and changed plans since that 2015 announcement.

In April 2016, Manapul was asked about Aquaman: Earth One by a fan on Twitter. At the time, the writer/artist attributed the recently launched Trinity series as his main priority, pushing Earth One back to 2017 at the earliest.

July 19's Trinity #11 was Manapul's last-solicited issue on the title, and thru October 2017 he's solicited to draw the one-shot Batman: The Merciless and several covers.

For JMS's The Flash: Earth One, the future of the book in its announced form is even less promising. In July 2016, the prolific writer announced that he was retiring from comic books due to health issues. When asked about The Flash: Earth One, JMS said that he hadn't talked about the project with DC since the originally July 2015 announcement - and that an actual contract was never sent to him.

Following the announcement of Green Lantern: Earth One earlier this month, Newsarama reached out to DC Comics and these two creators for an update on these projects. Neither creator chose to comment for this story, while a DC Comics said that they had no updates on the projects to announce at this time.

There is a third Earth One volume known to be on hiatus; Geoff Johns has said that his and Gary Frank's third volume of Batman: Earth One was being put on hold for the 12-part Doomsday Clock event title scheduled to launch in November 2017.

Green Lantern: Earth One is scheduled to debut March 20, 2018.

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