New Artwork Teases Future Of VERTIGO For 2018 & Beyond

Credit: DC/Vertigo

In the final moments of Vertigo Comics' Comic-Con International: San Diego panel, newly-minted Executive Editor Mark Doyle and Group Editor Jamie S. Rich showed off this trailer they said will celebrate the imprint's 25-year anniversary in 2018. In addition to stills from earlier work, it also featured some new artwork - presumably from new projects.

Take a look:

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau has confirmed one of the pieces, an illustration of Death, is something he's done recently "for a special event." Three other illustrations - two Sandman drawings, and an Invisibles painting - are seemingly new and by Jim Lee, Jae Lee, and Jeff Lemire, respecitvely.

Here they are:

Credit: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau (DC/Vertigo)
Credit: DC/Vertigo
Credit: DC/Vertigo



Credit: DC/Vertigo

The video ends with a graphic with the numbers "080818" which could easily be translated to 08/08/18, or August 8, 2018 - a Wednesday.

Vertigo Comics officially launched in January 1993, so this wouldn't merely be the day-and-date 25th anniversary of the DC imprint.

While series revivals of each are possible, it seems more likely that the date will be the announcement - or release - of some kind of related project.

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