MARVEL Aiming At Asia With Local Heroes & Local Titles From Local Creators

Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel

Marvel is working on a new comic book project aimed specifically at the East Asian market - with local heroes, local titles, done by local creators. Announced at Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego, the titles will debut in China with plans to spread out to other East Asian countries later.

No specific book titles were given, but two new characters (with unique creative teams) were named: Aero by writer Zhou Jiajun (a.k.a. Zhou Liefen) and artist Xu Ming (a.k.a. Keng), and Sword Master by writer Xi Shanshan (a.k.a. Droplet) and artist Chen Xioyun (a.k.a. Gun Ji). The project will be edited by Mark Paniccia, but will utilize strictly Asian creators.

Cebulski said that although Marvel has many Asian characters already, fans felt they were always stereotypical. By having Asian creators infuse their own backgrounds into these new characters it will help them be better-received. Cebulski said these characters will be considered in the mainstream Marvel Comics universe.

This comes one year after Cebulski re-located from New York City to Shanghai, China in a new role as Marvel's VP of International Business Developmenent & Brand Management. Marvel has no Shanghai office to date, and Cebulski works out of the Walt Disney Company's local offices.

Marvel did not specify any plans for an English-language translation of this project.

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