Warner Bros. Announces Live-Action DC FLASHPOINT Movie

Flashpoint #1
Flashpoint #1
Credit: DC Comics

Just happened at the Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel.

Warner Bros. flashed several in-development films on the screen at their panel, including Shazam! Suicide Squad 2, The Batman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps and The Flash: Flashpoint, presumably based on the 2011 Geoff Johns DC Comics event story. 

With recent reports Warner Bros. is looking for a "graceful" way to transition from Ben Affleck to a new Batman , the time/reality altering storyline would certainly provide the means. As all comic book fans of good stanidng know, in the Flashpoint reality, Bruce Wayne was killed in Crime Alley and his grieving father Thomas is Batman. 

For his part Affleck seems aware of the report, telling attendees at the Comic-Con panel emphatically that he appreciates having the part, that he'd do anything for The Batman director Matt Reeves and that Warner Bros. executives have told him the part is his.


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