Aliens Mean Business in IMAGE's PORT OF EARTH

"Port of Earth #1" preview
Credit: Andrea Mutti/Vladimir Popov (Image Comics/Top Cow)
Credit: Andrea Mutti/Vladimir Popov (Image Comics/Top Cow)

Aliens have landed, but they're not coming for you - they're coming to do business.

That's the concept of the new Image Comics/Top Cow series Port of Earth, just announced at Top Cow's Comic-Con International: San Diego panel. The creator-owned series is by writer Zack Kaplan, artist Andrea Mutti, and colorist Vladimir Popov.

"What would happen if aliens came to Earth, not in war, nor peace, but with a business deal: open up an alien spaceport here on Earth?,' reads the series synopsis. "When our alien visitors break port restrictions and wreak havoc in our cities, it falls to the newly formed Earth security agents to hunt down and safely deport the dangerous rogue aliens back to the Port of Earth."

Kaplan is best known for his previous Top Cow series Eclipse which was popular enough to expand from a miniseries to an oingoing. Mutti comes from working on Dark Horse's Rebels as well as DC's Batman Eternal, while Popov from licensed work like Hellraiser, Robocop, Highlander, and Maze Runner.

The series is scheduled to debut this winter, and Newsarama has a four-page preview of Port of Earth #1 here.

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